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American Express (I KNOW … sounding like a broken record, but it’s one of the best travel tools I’ve found, so work with me here and maybe you’ll be on board with it too, and NO, I don’t work for American Express or any of the other companies I endorse.)

With the Platinum Card, you have basic luggage insurance, but if you subscribe to their “add on” insurance for luggage, every time you travel, they add it to your bill automatically, so you don’t have to worry about it. Check the fee, because it changes, but last time I looked, it was $17 or so. Twice, I’ve arrived with no luggage, but both times were non-direct flights, which seem to be the riskiest.

The good news is, if your luggage is missing for over a few hours, you can go shopping for what you need using “their” money – up to $500 or $1000, depending on the level you opt for. Call for details to be sure, but both times, I got to go shopping and didn’t have to pay anyone back. My suitcase was located both times and delivered directly to my hotel and placed in my room, while I was out having fun.

I have Rimowa Luggage, which isn’t cheap, so I was glad I got the bag back too! If you want to travel in style with the lightest luggage I’ve found, grab these bags. You won’t be sorry. They’re beautiful and mine all look almost as good as new and they’ve been all over the world. Click here to see my post on Randy’s Favorite Things. THEN click on TRAVEL and SCROLL to RIMOWA.

I didn’t want matching ones and usually don’t use them all together, so I have a variety now. Silly me. The dark brown is the largest and works perfectly for my European trips. The medium Champagne one is perfect for shorter trips, but I may try to squeeze everything into it this next trip to Europe. We’ll see? The black one is a business trolley that easily stacks on either one of the others, so after checking the larger one, I still have a roller bag that’s easy to manage and small enough to be carried onboard.


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On November 29, 2015

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