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Randy Hipsta Sm

Having a camera from age eight and following in the footsteps of his parents and grandparents, Randy has been gathering travel miles, photos, and most of all, memories.

Randy has a degree in computer programing, but only got it to please his Dad. Art and photography were far more interesting. Randy’s jobs list seems totally unfocused, because he never knew what he wanted to be when he grew up. Oddly, it all seem to be centered around multimedia technology. He was a Realtor back in the ’70s and won a Mercedes-Benz in a sales contest. After realizing he needed to work on weekends (a lot), he moved into real estate finance. During a big midlife crisis, he went to work as directory of a holistic health center. After coming to his senses (but acquiring a lot of great information and therapies), he was invited to help a friend operate a video camera on a TV show he was producing. Randy fell in love and became a television producer and had a production company in San Diego, showing homes for sale on TV. It was the first of it’s type and the longest running show of it’s type. After trying to expand the show into other cities, it didn’t go well, so he became a consultant and later produced another show of full length movie trailers and got it onto 26 stations nationally. As he started thinking of his retirement, he took a job in a start-up with the potential of being rich, but the dot bomb spoiled that dream and he went to work for a top notch design firm as a project manager/producer. After retiring from that position, he joined his partner in the music licensing business he and his partner started in 2001 – Musync. It’s been a success and allows Randy to engage in his hobbies of all his blogs, photography work, books, videos and travels. His friends and relatives have constantly pushed him into sharing his expertise in getting good deals and having fun without overspending.

He’s not the most traveled, but prefers to visit Europe the most. Being of German, Irish, English descent, Europe and the UK are his favorites. While some people prefer to stay in one place and dig deep into the heritage, politics and culture, Randy prefers to operate more like a site survey, in hopes of visiting again soon. For him, it works. Due to the convenience (and his love of France), he usually flies in and out of Paris, since it’s one of the best launch points into most anywhere in¬†Europe.

This site is a gathering of all of his most important work and projects over the years. It’s the best starting point to discover how to travel in comfort, on a slightly extravagant budget, while enjoying the comforts of pleasant surroundings, but also exploring at a convenient pace to absorb the people, the feelings and the attitudes of the people he encounters.

Randy makes traveling fun, but stays organized, while planning gaps of spontaneity, so it never gets boring. Got a question, need a recommendation or have a suggestion? Send Randy a note the Contact Form.

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On March 7, 2014

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