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We’re an artist driven music licensing company, and our goal is to help musicians make money from their music. If you make money, so do we – we’re in this together. If your music is accepted into our catalog, we’ll do everything we can to get your music placed, so you can earn money for doing what you do best.

Direct Quote from a BIG computer company we work with … about the music they need all the time:

“The scope of the work that we’ve done has expanded to cover a wide range of styles.  I don’t think it’s possible to accurately describe what would or could be used in future work.  We only know what will work after understanding how a production should connect with those who experience it (ie. the viewers).  What do we want them to experience emotionally?  

Sometimes we’re looking for simplicity, maybe even a bold simplicity.  We’re usually looking for something that sounds unique.  Some of the videos we work on require long builds; starting simply and ending with big energetic climaxes.  Some might serve as a bed to keep an idea driving forward without getting too big.  Sometimes it’s introspective and rhythmic, sometimes its understated but passionate.

All of this is dictated by the values we want to express.  We’ve tended to stay away from music that is very aggressive and extremely noisy or predictable.  Depressing, brooding and angry music is usually less likely to be chosen.  If you hear any music that doesn’t strongly remind you of any other bands, then that is a good start.  Is the artist able to pull you in?  How much power do they have over you?  I’d love to hear tracks that really stand out to you guys.  

That’s the challenge these days when the go-to method for many advertisers is to find the next top 40 hit and then race to be the first to license it.  That’s relatively easy to do.  What the goal should be is to find a piece that is a perfect connection with the concept and imagery.  That kind of alchemy is what we’re looking to achieve.  I believe that’s the goal of every music supervisor…but finding a piece that really resonates with an idea and makes it memorable or subliminally  stronger is an effort that is hard to quantify.

I think all of us know that feeling when we hear a track that is undeniably perfect.”

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