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When I was growing up in Monterey, San Francisco was referred to as “The City”. Highway 1 was the best route – along the coast with amazing views of cold blue water, warm sand, rugged rocks and clusters of Cyprus trees. Now, I live in San Francisco and making the same drive down the coast to the Monterey Peninsula and Big Sur is still a relaxing and memorizing adventure. Stopping along the way for photos, a meal or just to soak in the view makes this magical two hour journey one of the best in the world.

Now available, the road trip I love so much is available in multiple formats. They all have the same content and photos – printed into a portable travel size, Ebook that can be downloaded to your smart phone or tablet and a PDF for most any device (and can be printed). Follow the step-by-step guide and enjoy this breathtaking trip that you’ll never forget. And, you’ll have a souvenir to remember it too!

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